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Long Term Care Benefits for Individuals and Married Couples

Filling out the application 

Whether it is in person, over the phone, or through email; the first step of the process is filling out the application. When you first contact us we will go over the list of items that are needed to begin the application process. Once you have gathered them, we will review them, complete and submit the application. 

More information needed

Once we submit your application, Mass Health will most likely send out a letter asking for additional information or clarification on any info we already sent. When this letter is received we will review the list together and assist you with getting the additional documents requested. 

Over Assets

If you are over the Mass Health asset limit, we will guide you through the spend-down process in accordance with Mass Health regulations in order to get the application approved! We work closely with Woodford& Fraser Law on the financial side of things, so we can figure out how to best maintain your loved one's highest quality of life. 

Communicating and Understanding

Lastly, we will communicate with you, the nursing home, and Mass Health throughout the entire process. The application can be difficult to tackle alone,  This process can take anywhere from 2-5 months,so we will be with you every step away making sure that any questions you have get answered.

Contact Us 

Send us a message to set up a free consultation, over the phone or in person!

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