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Frequently Asked Questions 

1 / What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? 

Medicare is health coverage offered to people 65 and older, that covers services like normal doctor visits, hospital stays, and rehab services.


Medicaid is health coverage that covers long-term care (i.e nursing homes), among other medical services. Medicaid also has community-based programs. Additionally, Medicaid has income and asset limits. 

2 / What are the eligilbity requirements for Medicaid?

For an individual in a nursing facility: 

  • All assets must be below $2,000.00 

  • Income is noncountable but is required to be paid to the nursing home (minus certain allowances). Woodford Medicaid will provide an estimated figure that will be due to the nursing home. 

  • Must have a bed at a nursing facility to be approved

For a married couple:

  • If one spouse is still living in the community, they are allowed to have $148,620 in assets 

  • The nursing facility residents' income may be kept by their spouses based on their own income and monthly expenses.  Woodford Medicaid will provide an estimated figure that will be due to the nursing home. 

For an individual applying for Frail Elder: 

  • All assets must be below $2,000.00 

  • Income may not exceed $2,829.00

  • Must be deemed clinically eligible by elder services 

3 / What happens if I'm over assets? 

We will work with you to develop a spend-down plan that has your loved one's financial needs as the top priority. Mass Health allows applicants to pre-pay for funerals and open a burial account. Additionally, we work with Woodford & Fraser Law, PC if there are a lot of assets that need to be managed to develop the best spend-down plan available. 

4 / What is the fee for our services? 

The fee for our services is based on a sliding scale. It is determined by a client's spend-down plan. Woodford Medicaid will always make sure that a pre-need funeral and any other expenses that benefit our clients are paid first. 

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